Backwoods smoker delivery

the wait begins...

Ok! The order is in, we'll wait for shipping to happen. All I can do is wait around, look at pictures of other teams Backwoods smoker trailers and setups. Is this what waiting for a baby is like?

Apparently, at this time of year (November), it's a good time to get your custom orders into the Backwoods plant and they can fulfill orders in a couple of weeks instead of a couple months. If that holds true, we're looking at mid December for delivery, and plenty of practise cook time before our California competition bbq season begins next year.

Now is a good time to think about how the competition bbq trailer layout will look with the new cookers. Like many Californians, we have very little space for storing things like trailers - a 4x8 mini utility trailer is all we need, and many teams here make do with far less.

The big question will be the placement of the Competitor - It can face towards the back of the trailer, or it can face the side. Most utility trailers have a side rail - ours does too. The rail is about 12 inches high and will block the firebox door from opening if positioned that way.

So either the trailer will need to be modified - cut out the rail where it blocks the firebox door, and then reinforce the section. Or the other option is to cook off the back of the trailer, which might not be a bad solution at all - it depends.

We'll start out with that - cooking test runs off the back of the trailer instead of the side. If need be, we'll see about modifying the trailer in the spring.