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  • Mods to the kettle handle to make it reasonable to use.
  • When you plan a party on the patio, it's nice to have everything you need in one convenient piece of furniture.
  • The ultimate water pan contains no water at all. In fact, you might be surprised at what it does contain.
  • Who says we need a water pan at all. Here's an idea that deviates from the norm quite a bit - the beliefe that a water pan filled with this, that, or the other is need at all. Wanna give it a try?
  • There are a few ways to add capacity to a WSM but if stylin and profilin is the way you like to do things, you might want to soak up this mod built upon already well known capacity mods.
  • Another way of making the WSM easily portable for cooking off-site at events like back yard parties or competing against the biggest and best teams out there.
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  • Contact Pages are are great way to engage with your visitors and demonstrate that you are a real person rather than simply an anonymous web site.
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