Backwoods Smokers

We've decided to buy a couple Backwoods Smokers for competition - lets see how we like them.

On order is a Backwoods Chubby and a Backwoods Competitor. This decision took a great deal of thought and consideration. The main use for these cookers is for competition BBQ, plus the capacity too cook for as large a crowd as we can if the need arises.

People compete with all kinds of cooker combinations. Our own Harry Soo has taken to competing all for KCBS categories on one single 18 inch Weber Smoky Mountain bullet. Others cook all 4 on a Backwoods Party or a Fatboy.

Vary careful cook timing is needed to pull off these feats, and I have enough problems without relying on cooking bbq by time. But what combination is best for competition +? Maybe a Gator and a chubby? Or Fatboy and Party? The Competitor has more than enough room for all 4, but certain things need their own cooker - lets just leave it at that, shall we 8).

So the order has been placed, and we're looking forward to delivery. I ordered through a dealer Andy Bangs, a very knowledgeable and helpful Backwoods reseller out of Gainesville, GA (tell him I sent you if you don't mind please).

After finding the reseller in my state totally lacking in knowledge, experience, and personality, I started contacting Backwoods dealers in other states until I found one that was willing and able to talk about the products and options that would be best for my needs. It didn't take long: Andy took the time out of his is day to take my cold call and set me right - he's a good guy, you won't go wrong buying from him.

Anyhow, it sounds like the delivery wait is much shorter during the winter - a few weeks instead of a few months. That's nice to hear since I'll need to start learning these cookers for next season as soon as they arrive.

I'll be updating this page like a blog over the next few weeks. I'll chronicle everything from delivery until it gets boring. Here's what we ordered:

Chubby with options:
- 180 hinge
- Hinge on left side
- SS Door
- Diverter
- Cover

Competitor with options:
- 180 hinge
- Hinge on right side
- Diverter
- Cover
- Hide setter