Backwoods Smoker Shipping

The wait is almost over

Seems that this time of the year the wait is only a few weeks instead of a few months. That is unless there's a delay of some sort. True for me too. I found out my backwoods smoker shipping date is pushed out a couple weeks.

I've heard of this happening because of door latches - they run out and the manufacturer is behind on delivery. In my case it's the racks. I'll have to wait a couple extra weeks for racks. Oh well, a couple weeks isn't too bad, and it's still a lot better than a 2 or 3 month wait.

Latest word is that racks will arrive on the December 22nd or 23rd so my cookers should ship right after Christmas. Add about a week in transit, and an extra day or two for residential delivery and we're in business.

Once that happens, I'll have two brand new cookers to learn before our 2012 competition season begins. That means a lot of practice bbq cooks between now and then, so I hope there's no more delays.